• Research Methodology in Management (Master’s level)
  • Advanced Research Methods in Management (Ph.D. level)

Syllabus MM6007/DM8101

Instructions for Formatting the Research Project

List of papers for presentation

Presentation template

Research principles
Week 1 Introduction File(s)
Week 2 Theory  
Week 3 Causality analysis  
Experimental research  
Week 5 APA referencing  
Week 6 Measurement & Scaling concepts  
Attitude measurment  
Week 7 Sampling  


Data analysis
Class 1-2 Hypothesis testing and Means comparison
Class 3 Correlation and Regression analysis



EndNote for Windows


Syllabus DM8005




Research Lecture at RANEPA, St.Peterburg, Russia

Lecture Powerpoint


Research Lecture at HRM, Weisbaden, Germany

Survey example files

Link to advertisiment evaluation survey

Link to the example questionnaire - Single Ad evaluation

Link to the example questionnaire - Ads Comparison



Test scores comparision


Ads comparison


Lecture PowerPoint









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